Our Group was foundet in 2005 and has its base in the medieval centre of Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. We are a bunch of people with a common interest and use our spare time to research and reenact. The first aim for us was to do all in our power to restore the castle ruin of Rafenstain outside of Bozen, south Tyrol, Italy.
This succeded for us in 2008 and the castle will be ready from 2014 on.
We will now work on our new aim, basicallly to collect as many historic informations about the history of the castle and publish all results on this homepage. Meanwhile we will keep on reenacting the knight Francisk von Rafenstain and his retinue. Many asks us about how the connection between Denmark and Castle Rafenstein took place and the answer to this is that the leader of the group, Charles von Rafenstain, originally came from South Tyrol and emigrated to Denmark in 2000.
Our group counts twelve active members (two of them in Bozen, the rest in Denmark) plus 6 member helping in consulting and media.

What do we do when we reenact?

We mainly reenact persons that existed in that period and were connected to the knight Francisk von Rafenstain. Its always fun to reenact the daily life in a castle, or simply the retinue on travel. We love to share our knowledge with the public and try to make our recontructions as close to the originals tecniques and have background research to verify it.

Does the Knight Francisk von Rafenstain need more helping hands?

Yes, we always welcome new members. Membership is free, but you need to be member in the supporters society of the medieval center in Nykøbing Falster in order to participate on reenacting events.
The Knight Francisk von Rafenstain needs the following services:
-Castle guards protecting the castle or the life of the Knight when on travel.
-Cooking personal
-Craftsmen such as carpenters, fletchers, weavers, potters, tailors.
-Clergymen such as writers and assistants.
-Lot of peasants!

If you want to join us, consider to offer minimum four weekends a year plus to self finance all your clothing and equipment. We will assist you in the process, so you know where and how to get all the bits and pieces you need. Be aware that we have extremely high standards in regards to clothing and equipment. We only use items and materials that have been documented from our time period. Non aproved clothing and equipment will not be accepted, since we are working along with the medieval centers quality standards. You may contact us regarding membership under the menu "contact" on this homepage.
We are looking forward to meet you!

Best regards
Miles Rafenstain et Servitus