New attraction on Castle Rafenstain

We love castel Rafenstein! Yes we do – and we have an additional new attraction for you if you visit the castle. Already from the Castel Ronda event the 10.-11. june, you can see a scale model of the castle how we think it would have looked like back in 1370. The knowledge about this was retrieved from building structure ananlizes, archaeological diggings, as well as from written sources.
The picture below shows the moment, where the model was donated to the castle museum last autumn. From left to right: Simon Unterkofler – our very good friend and young farmer benaeth the castle, Armin Torggler: The master of local medieval archaeology, myself flanked by doctor double Ph.D. Helmut Rizzolli: The politician that made the restoration of the castle possible, and last but not least: Thomas Marschall, the custode taking care of the castle by cutting gras and holding an eye on the castle uncountable hours a year! 

– Thank you all for your support and see you soon at Castel Ronda 2017! (Foto credit Linda Olsson).



Model images close up

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