The aftermath of battle

The aftermath of the first reenactment battle after 12 years. It was absolutely enriching! The gambeson is already more black then green, my lucky shirt was washed several times before becoming clean again.

The most irritaing things allthough where:
1) The visor proved very poorly made in the locking attachment. Absolutely bad.
2) The helmet has already 3-4 deep sword marks.
3) The aventail is made wrong, all the padding needs to be changed, as well as the helmets padding
4) The shield was to thick and therefore to heavy.
5) No leg protection. My lucky shirt must have worked, ’cause i haven’t been hit there.
6) No measure made gauntlets. This is very bad, since it weakens the grip on the sword after a short time.

Experimental archaeology on the battlefield is a good thing, but not most safe one.

So, dear fighting reenactors: Be humble, be careful and learn from each others experiencies.

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