Miles Rafenstain et Servitus

Francisk von Rafenstain

Francisk is a knight belonging to the lower nobilty and serving the Duke of Habsburg. Descending from the noble family of Awr, he got castle and title of Rafenstain in […]

Katrine von Goldeck

Katrine von Goldeck is Sir Francisk’s young bride. While many other local nobles are only bound to each other by business, Katrine truly loves Francisk. No one believed it, but […]

Gerhard Frawnberger

-DER KELLNER. (from Keller, cellar). The kitchen master or Kellner, Frawenberger! His job is to administrate everything that has to do with food, basically to get it cheapest and store […]

Franziska Awr

Franziska Awr, the wine maid at of the castle! Franciska originally lived in Bozen town, but got hired as a servant with the primary duty of safekeeping the knights wine […]

Johann Steiff

Johann Steiff, the Piper of Bozen. He lives in a house in town and gets hired to play for different nobles in the area. The bagpiper has a very high […]

Die Muatr!

Die Unterkofler Muatr! (The Unterkofler mother). A very kind peasant woman from the farm right underneath the hill top of castle Rafenstain, hence the family name Unter (under) Kofel (hill […]


– Der Türwächter (the gate guard). Categorized as “Gesinde” (simpleton), he had the primary duty to hold an eye with enemies trying to access the castle via the main gate, […]