Miles Rafenstain et Servitus

Historical Concept

Our concept, the fictive part and the sources to support it. – by Charles Francisk von Rafenstain Intro When we are gathering for an arrangement, or just participate as voluntary […]

Desease and Healing

by Mette Rolvung Olsen In the middle ages, diseases was very normal in the everyday life, and counting in the children from the age of 0 to 3 years, into […]

Leather pouch reconstruction

By Charles Rafenstain This leather bag was a part of a project reconstruction a complete suit of clothing including accessories, with inspiration from a fresco which is depiected in the […]

Administration and taxes

  The knight Volkmar von Maretsch and a halv tenth from the farm at Rafenstein. Notes about the administration and tax system in the late medieval town Bozen. by DOTT. […]

Linen Shirt reconstruction

Linen Shirt reconstruction By Charles Rafenstain Today there are only a few examples of preserved shirts from the Middle Ages. Many of these have been found in a fragmented state […]

Box Chair Reconstruction

Reconstruction Box chair from 14th century. – by Charles Francisk von Rafenstain A box chair is an indispensible part of the castle interior. There are several version of box chairs, […]