This homepage has the purpose to collect all knowledge about the castle of Rafenstein outside of Bozen, south Tyrol, Italy. Primarily to begin with the time span between 1330 and 1420 in connection with the life of Francisk von Rafenstain and his family.
We are a group of passionate people streched between Denmark and Italy with all sorts of different backgrounds, united by the interest about this theme. All our history research is presented here, served on a silver plate with all references of the original documents to the benefit of all enthusiasts. Our aim is to give you a homepage easy to use, no matter if you are seeking informations as a university student, or just for private interest on hobby level.

Our efforts in reasearching and networking contributed finally to the restoration of the castle itself (2008-2014) and gave us the motivation we seeked for in order to preserve and spread its history as well. Many of our historic researches are reconstructed and presented to the pubblic through our reenactment group Miles Rafenstain et Servitus. By so doing, we can offer a palpeble history easier to comprehend and funny to learn.

This groups future vision is to translate every information in english, danish, german and italian and then enlarge the time period from the very beginning of the castle history in the 12th century up to this very day. If you meanwhile need som historical informations not issued on this homepage, don't hesitate to write and we will try to find the answers you need.

This service is absolutely for free, because our filosofy is that knowledge must be shared, or else it will drown in a forgotten past.
We hope you enjoy visiting our homepage and wish you again welcome.

- The research and reenactment group Miles Rafenstain et Servitus.