Johan Steiff

The piper

Johann Steiff, the Piper of Bozen. He lives in a house in town and gets hired to play for different nobles in the area. The bagpiper has a very high status, due to the very difficult vocal instrument he plays. He is treated almost like a troubadour and very well paid. Johann is very beloved at Rafenstain castle, and loves to stay for visits every now and then. In the evenings, when Sir Francisk and Lady Katrine are sitting in the Kemenate (from caminata = heated living room) he is telling stories from lands far up north, enchanting them with the tales of different legends, such as for instance Tristan and Isolde.

The role is played by the dane Jens Hørring Olsen, who is a accomplished musician, on both the medieval bagpipe, and the Highland Bagpipe, where he have earned a Higher National Certificate, a musical degree from the University of Edinburgh. He works as a landscape architect, and is married to group member Mette and together they have a little son. Jens is a very valued member of our group, and his music fits perfectly on Castle Rafenstain

Jens are also active on instagram, so be sure to follow him here